Joyous Asia is a Singapore based studio events
founded in June 2010.
JOYOUS’ birth is to bring joy and happiness to everybody in the ceremonies, it should be an occasion that capture in people’s happiness in the pictures and sharing their happiness with their loved ones. Joyous wants to bring that to their clients. We would like to produce pictures and video it for them. We are stepping into milestones of happiness as an advisor and providers of academic regalia on graduation ceremony for Kindergartens, Universities and local Institutes. Our staff will be joyful together with the graduands to celebrate the joy.

JOYOUS’ philosophy believes that people are motivated from within by a natural smile and love in front at a camera. The goal of JOYOUS Asia is to bring out the best when capturing that special moment.
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Joyous Asia Events
Subsidiary of Maha Investments
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