Picking a studio package

Besides knowing the photo package you would prefer, you would also need to know certain things before making the order with the photo studio. Joyous Asia has provided a list of 6 things to know before signing up with the photo studio. No graduands or individual would want to have a frustrating experience with the photo studio.

Sales person is not the main key as those coordinators/photographers/videographers who will eventually serve you.

In the local market, competition has been very stiff especially over the years when more and more photo studios come into the graduation market. More studios are fighting over the same pie, so you have to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable sales person who has a strong and experience supporting team to serve you.

Do your homework.

Ask around from your friends who had taken graduation photos and ask them what to look out for. Depending what your budget is and what kind of package you want. Discuss whatever is to be discussed before committing to the package. Remember the sales staffs are trained professionals just to close sales. There won’t be time to discuss when the selling takes place. Agree to walk off as long as one feels uncomfortable with the sales pitch.

Ask for photographers/videographers credentials

Don’t ever sign the package unless you have seen the works or talked to their photographers/videographers.

Know what you want for your package.

Do you know what you want for your graduation package?
Do you need two 8R albums instead of one?
Do you need to purchase graduation gowns or just rent it off the rack?
If you don’t require some items, how could you use them to bargain for other items such as more 6R photos?

Control your buying impulse

Humans are impulsive shoppers. We all shop and buy things based on emotions. Even if men are considered logical thinkers, we still buy some items because it makes us feel good. I remember one friend of mine took up an expensive package which costs more than S$800 and only regretted when she reached home.

Treat the sales person like a good old friend

Treat them like a human and be friendly towards them. Ask to be introduced to the senior staff so that you can know them too.
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